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Relatives Remembered - Quality Genealogical Research Service

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Relatives Remembered is a sole proprietorship, allowing for each client’s needs to be met directly by the owner, and to ensure that the owner is truly able to give personalized service. Relatives Remembered has been in business since February of 1999. It was started after two years of the owner (having spent a year serving a family history mission) being told by a number of people that she should go into business for herself, and after having a number of people approach her with the idea of doing some work for them. All research is done under contract.

Owner Information

The owner of Relatives Remembered is Trisha Bradford. Trisha was trained to do genealogical research while serving a full-time mission in Oakland California, at the Family History Center. She worked regular hours just like at a paying job, helping anybody there who needed help with their genealogy. Because of this, she was able to learn about researching different ethnic ancestral lines. On her second day working, she was pronounced “the new computer specialist” because of her ability to understand the genealogy-based programs necessary. Trisha was able to spend one year of her life concentrating on genealogy; a start far better than most people get. Her training included how to deal with difficult situations and required constant contact with individual researchers. Because the LDS Church trained her, she has a thorough knowledge of church policies and procedures concerning preparing names to be entered into the temple.